Site Location:                          Whyalla, South Australia

Feed Material:                         Iron Ore (Low grade material from waste dumps)

Customer:                                 CDE Global Ltd

Commissioning Manager:   Chris McKeown

Process Overview

Plant was designed specifically for the upgrading of low grade ore from waste dumps to a +58% Fe product.  The feed material was highly contaminated with alot of clay necessitating a wet processing solution.  Screening, scrubbing and various density separation processes were used to achieve the required product specification.  A complete water recycling system was also used to recover approximately 90% of the water used in the system and send the waste tailings to a pit 2km from the plant.

Our role in the project

The plant was designed and installed by CDE Global who contracted Accumin Solutions for some work in the design of process and then for the commissioning of the plant.  This included:

  • Management of the Commissioning Process
    • Commissioning plan
    • H&S management including Isolation planning
    • Schedule
    • Daily activity planning
    • Daily customer communications
    • Interaction between commissioning team and both customer and other contractors involved in the project
    • Commissioning Report
  • Onsite troubleshooting and equipment modifications
  • Performance Acceptance Testing process


The plant was extremely effective in the process of the material with the yield and product grade both exceeding initial expectations.  The timeframe from the start of commissioning with no power connected to the plant to the completion of performance acceptance testing was less than 7 weeks.  This is an exceptionally short time for such a large plant especially considering the 8 days 24hr operation for the Performance Acceptance Testing.