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Welcome to Accumin

Accumin Washing Solutions is a firm of engineers who are dedicated to help Quarry Masters and C&D Waste Plant Masters continue to achieve their targets and goals by providing assistance and support while sharing their enviable world-wide engineering expertise in the field.

Accumin prides itself in offering the most creative and efficient solutions available to its customers. The company policy is to achieve best value for clients by consistently seeking the 'smart' solution to any problems. Led by Director Engineer Christopher McKeown M.Eng (Hons), the team at Accumin have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the quarrying and mining industries all over the world from Australia to the United States of America.

"We are confident in not only our abilities but our business relationship approach where we work as a team with our clients to get the best results possible. This way our honesty and integrity can never be questioned or misunderstood. Our objective and our client's objective is always aligned: gaining accurate mineral results."


Where we can help

We provide services across a range of applications.

Construction Aggregates

Accumin provides design and support to clients all over the UK and Ireland who have equipment producing aggregates for construction such as washed sand and stone.

Recycled Aggregates

Accumin is committed to the innovation of recycled material processing. Most clients need a custom-designed process to manage their construction, demolition or excavation waste properly. The priorities are reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. Accumin help its clients gain accurate results from their equipment in this evolving sector.

Manufactured Sand

Sand washing technology allows our clients to produce a washed manufactured sand for concrete and other applications. Accumin are expert engineers in the design and enhancement of the processes and equipment used in crushed dust washing and —5mm material.

Recent projects

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Client: FP McCann
Location: Omagh, N. Ireland

Ultrafines Recovery Plant

Initial work was to investigate both the extent and cause of the fine sand wastage from the existing wash plant. Once this was determined a solution was designed and incorporated into the existing system to recover the fine sand as a separate product.

  • Initial test work to identify the extent of sand being lost from the system and to determine the cause.
  • Proposal of several options to solve the problem
  • Design of new system incorporating both used and new equipment to achieve best value
  • Oversee of installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training of operators.
Client: O’Reilly Concrete
Location: Cavan, Ireland

Wash Plant Tailings Pump Upgrade

Upgrade of an existing waste water tailings pumping system to allow tailings to be pumped to new pond located 1600m from plant over a 45m elevation.

  • System design including site measurements to determine flow and pressure requirements
  • Supply of pumpset and automated level control system
  • Commissioning and operator training
Location: Waterford

Complete washing plant design

A complete washing plant designed for the recycling of trommel fines to produce clean aggregate and sand.

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